I think I like it

Tentatively, cautiously.  I was finally feeling better enough and had felt too house bound, that I intentionally cleared an hour midday a couple of sunny days this past week and went for walks to my beloved beach. Not a cloud in the sky, the bluest of skies and water. The sun feeling cozy and toasty […]

Enjoying the process

After my last post, I got sick. Sigh. No covid, just a cold that wouldn’t quit. I got better for a week and a half and then, ew, again. But worse. Being sick is exhausting, and this bout in particular made me miss out on a planned trip to see the kiddo. Which really just […]

Curiouser and Curiouser

I’ve been avoiding writing 🙂 As you can tell by the time distance between my posts. And my journal can tell by the shortness and quality of my entries. When that happens it usually means I’m either overwhelmed or I don’t want to learn something about myself or circumstances that usually is something I can […]

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