A little dose of sunshine

A little dose of sunshine

It goes a long way. We had a bit of fool’s spring the last week and a half or so. One after work walk on the beach I was hot 🙂 And wasn’t that glorious to feel. To be warm again long enough to warm me all the way to my inner frozen parts. 

Image of large dark tree trunk in foreground with snow on the ground, and a beach and river with snow and dunes in the distance – bathed in sunlight

I’ve been making it a priority to get out for a walk even on the cold and cloudy days. About the only thing that keeps me in is rain. And I think that’s helping a bit. We’re in another cold snap, having the high of the day early in the morning. But today it was sunny and cold and snowy/icy. Which actually made my beloved beach all the more beautiful. 

Image of snow on a beach with water in the distance, sun with blue sky on the right and stormy, fat grey clouds on the left.

I’m quiet still. That may go on for awhile. But I think I’m healing a bit. My body is physically feeling a bit better, which really helps. But also I’m having a bit of perspective? Maybe? A year ago this week I was having pictures taken of my house so I could list it. Which means that my house was pristine and I’d packed up most of my things. I listed the house, I moved here to live in a shitty airbnb for 6 weeks while I looked for a new home, went to Scotland for a few weeks, moved into the new house and discovered it was my money pit of problems, got covid, tried to recover, discovered long covid issues, and have been seriously sick 4 times in the last 6 months. While also having a new job. And my basement flooding, repeatedly. So you know. I’m still standing. And that’s a god-damned win. Is it what I imagined when I packed up my house last year, um, no. Big no. But it is what it is. And there’s always my beloved beach.

I need to remember to celebrate my wins when I have them. Find the things that are pretty good and acknowledge them. So the next rough go I remember that it’s not all a pile of steaming crap. I also need to remember that it’s ok to slow down. I took today off of work. I got up early, did some personal things, dropped the car for an oil change and walked to the beach in the sunlight–even as the temperatures plummet it was glorious. I’m admiring the look of the paint color and the other colors of all the things in my living room right now as the skies reflect sunny and then overcast light. It’s beautiful in here. 

Image of sunset over a beach with low tide reflecting the oranges, blues and grays of the sky

In the spirit of celebrating the wins. I just put all the basement things back in the basement. I had moved it all to my dining room because of my flooding. Now that’s fixed (cross your fingers), so my dining room is no longer a storage area of cluttered mess.  I put the last of the pictures up on my walls in there once I no longer had boxes stacked in front of them. They’re water colors of some castles in France that I bought long, long ago. The kind of thing that because I’ve had them so long, they have been in all of my houses, and when I walk by them, I smile a little and know that I’m home.

All this optimism and a bit of zen today – 100% because I walked to the beach in the sunshine.

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